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Did you know that Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America? Located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is composed of 137 islands spread over 1, 500 miles. This state isn’t as big as you see it on the map but wait until you get into one of its islands. Even a one-day tour would not be enough to tour this lovely place.

Even so, Hawaii is known for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant reefs. Every year, there are 10 million visitors who visit here. If you are planning to visit in Hawaii, we have compiled the top activities you can do when you reach here.


Without a doubt, snorkelling is a top activity to do in Hawaii considering its clear blue waters and rich marine life.  Snorkeling starts by getting aboard a modern snorkelling vessel and dropping into a safe spot where you can witness a wide array of Hawaiin marine life.  Be sure to book a snorkel tour to avoid last-minute hassles.

Go whale watching

Whale watching in Hawaii is truly magical.  The top whale-watching spot in Hawaii is Maui where you can the Humpback Whales in action from November to May. Seeing the popular Humpback Whales playing with the waves is very rewarding, especially when you are with friends or family.

Play some sports

Did you know that Hawaii offers numerous golf courses for players of all levels? For the best golfing experience, you can head to Lanai’t at the Four Seasons Manele Bay. However, if you happen to visit Hawaii in January you can watch the PGA’s Annual Hyundai Tournament of Champions at the Kapuala Resort. Other popular golf resorts are the Princeville Golf Club, Kauao Lagoon Golf Club, and Puakea Golf Course.

Go beach hopping with friends or family

Naturally, Hawaii is a great place for beach hopping. You can find more than 100 beaches throughout the Hawaiian islands that feature sprawling white sand, delicious tropical dishes, and sparkling blue waters. Some of the best beaches are Kailua Beach and Waikiki Beach on Oahu, Kauna’oa Beach in Big Island, and Lahaina Beach in Maui.

Visit some cultural attractions

Throughout the years, Hawaii has undergone many transformations.  From colonialism to various developments in the government, what remains are the remnants of past transitions. Hence, you can see paintings and stone arts influenced by Polynesian culture, unique healing practices, and the popular “Ohana” feeling. Ohana means family and when you get to Hawaii, you can never deny how endearing and warm the people are in this wonderful place.

Hawaii is totally a nice place to visit. A daylong excursion would not be enough to savor everything it can offer. In fact, there are many other activities you can enjoy such as surfing, joining the Luaus (a Hawaiian and Polynesian feast), and treating yourself with their popular spa packages. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! 


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