The Best Ever Alaskan Cruise Experience

Cruise to Alaska is perfect for cruisers, with numerous opportunities to appreciate its vast natural beauty. Sail along the Inside Passage to visit the immense ice formations. North to the Kenai Peninsula and nearby Anchorage, a perfect jumping-off point for cruise tours to Denali, Fairbanks, and Canada’s Yukon.

We went with our friends and business partners to celebrate being in business together for over a decade. We started BGB Painting with big dreams and we are still going strong. This cruise along the coast of Alaska was a nice reward for the hard work. Here are a few of our favorite stopping places.

White Pass Railway

If your cruise ship stops over in Skagway, you’ll find an old gold rush boomtown community. Although you can easily spend the day exploring Skagway, a ride on the White Pass Railway travels up into the mountains and provides excellent scenic views and a look at the route the gold miners took on their way to the goldfields in the Yukon. Some White Pass combination rail and bus excursions include a stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge for a great photo opportunity.

Glacier National Park

All of the National Parks in the United States is worthy of a visit, and Glacier Bay is one that can best be viewed from a ship. The unspoiled, glorious mountain scenery, glaciers, and wildlife like sea lions and bears make this park a memorable destination.

Helicopter Ride

You can take a helicopter ride to enjoy some exciting scenario. It is an exciting adventure almost anywhere in the world, but zipping over an icy glacier field in Alaska is quite exhilarating.

Dog Sledding

Do you love to go dog sledding in the snow in August? Yes, you can if you take a helicopter ride up to a summer training camp for sled dogs. This was one of my favorite shore excursions ever.

Cruise Misty Fjords

It is near Ketchikan but is only viewable via plane or boat. This magnificent area is too far south for glaciers, but tourists get to the results of these icy giants that were in the area eons ago.


Sitka is the only Inside Passage settlement to face the Pacific Ocean. This town is home to about 9,000 people and has a rich Russian heritage, with many cultural and historical destinations to see. There are also plenty of scenic hiking trails and walking routes.

Tracy Arm Fjord

Tracy Arm Fjord is located near Juneau; it is fantastic natural scenery and an abundance of wildlife, including harbor seals, wolves, seabirds and brown bears. See lush forests, cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and some of the most massive glaciers in all of Alaska.